MacNotables #1024: Dan Frakes on Apple’s iDevice Software Updates, iPhone 4, Microsoft’s Execution of Kin, Kindle Price Drops and More

Dan Frakes of Macworld makes his return to MacNotables to talk about a wide variety of topics. Dan discusses the speed of Apple’s updating of their own software and apps for the iDevices, brings us up to date with some balanced perspective on the iPhone 4 reception issues and offers some work-arounds while Apple addresses the issue. Dan also comments on the death of the Microsoft Kin after only six weeks, the Amazon Kindle price drop and the effect on the ebook market, and why the iPad as a “tweener” device is a good thing. Some hot iPad and iPhone app picks wrap up the show.


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MobileMe iDisk

Remote app

Sonos Controller

iMovie for iPhone

The Real Story on iPhone 4’s Antenna on AnandTech

iPhone 4 Bumpers
Jawbone Icon
Jawbone Icon Bluetooth Earpiece

Kindle Wireless Reading Device

Reeder for iPad

NetNewsWire by NewsGator

Instapaper for iPhone/iPod touch

Instapaper for iPad

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