MacJury #1024: Examining The Evidence of Apple’s ‘Back to the Mac’ Event

The MacJury convened shortly after Apple’s “Back to the Mac” event to discuss what was shown and what it means. First on the docket is tne new MacBook Air, what it offers, who it is for, and how it stacks up against competing classes of laptops. The examination continues with a look at what was and wasn’t updated in the new iLife ’11 suite of apps, including why the new GarageBand capabilities are cool, who it can help learn to play an instrument and how, and why the Movie Trailers feature of iMovie may just improve your life (or at least make it look that way). What the Mac App Store will mean for users and developers alike, how it could change software distribution, licensing and much more are bandied about by the panel of John F. Braun, Peter Cohen, Jeff Gamet, Jean MacDonald, Steve Sande and host Chuck Joiner.

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