Chuck Joiner, Nick Mattingly

MacVoices #15205: Nick Mattingly Demonstrates the Multi-Camera Capabilities of Switcher Studio

Nick Mattingly, the CEO and co-founder of Switcher Studio, shows off his iOS app that puts a powerful but easy-to-use multi-camera switcher on your iPad. Using iPhones or even iPod touches as the cameras, you can mix and record a multi-cam production, or even stream it live to the web.
Brett Terpstra, Kelly Guimont, Shelly Brisbin, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #15204: The MacJury’s Gift Guide #2

The second MacJury gift guide of 2015 brings you another versatile set of holiday gift ideas to give or get. Whether you're into tech or fashion, eating or sleeping, the panel of Shelly Brisbin, Kelly Guimont, Brett Terpstra and host Chuck Joiner have some great ideas for you.
Chuck Joiner, Jeff Carlson

MacVoices #15203: Jeff Carlson Launches Photoversity with Aurora HDR Guide

Jeff Carlson  has a new home for some of his projects. The new Photoversity site and imprint kicks off with his guide to Macphun's tool for high dynamic range photography, Aurora HDR and Aurora...
David Ginsburg, Joe Kissell, Peter Cohen, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #15202: The MacJury’s Holiday Gift Guide #1

The MacJury convenes the first of its holiday gift guide panels to help you select the best, most unusual, most unique gifts this holiday season. Whether you're buying for family, friends or yourself, there...
Chuck Joiner, Kevin La Rue

MacVoices #15200: Kevin La Rue of Macphun Introduces the New Aurora HDR Photo Software

Kevin La Rue  of  Macphun  is back to deliver another knockout demo of their new Aurora HDR software. You may have played with high dynamic range (HDR) photography before, but this new utility takes...