Chuck Joiner, Lance Seymour

MacVoices #14078: Macworld – CityHour Helps Make Business Contacts When You Have Down Time

At  Macworld/iWorld 2014, Lance Seymour, the Chief Marketing Officer for TrueBear, explains how CityHour can turn your free time into valuable business contacts by scheduling meetings with people where you are when you are...
Chuck Joiner, Kyle Lambert

MacVoices #18083: Digital Artist Kyle Lambert On The Creative Process, His Projects, and His Tools

Kyle Lambert is well known for his photorealistic art that include some well known movie and video posters (notably, Stranger Things), but what is behind those amazing images? Kyle joins us to talk about the...
Jon Bradley

MacVoices #1158: Macworld 2011 – Mophie’s Juice Pack Keeps Your iPhone Going

At Macworld 2011, Jon Bradley of Mophie updates us on their latest crop of juice pack iPhone cases. Jon shows off the juice pack air that keeps your iPhone going all day, and the...

MacVoices #7122 – Jude Biersdorfer Talks About the New Edition of “iPod: The Missing Manual” and Her Macworld Expo Presentation

Jude Biersdorfer, the author of, "iPod: The Missing Manual, joins us on "The Road to Macworld Expo" to discuss what's new in iPod-land, and her presentation, "Filling Your iPod with Free Video," in the...
Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Kelly Guimont, Warren Sklar, Mark Fuccio

MacVoices #20172: MacVoices Live – The App Store at 12; Favorite Apps (2)

Mark Fuccio, David Ginsburg, Kelly Guimont, Warren Sklar, and host Chuck Joiner continue their discussion (debate?) over the Apple App Store, and run through some of their favorite apps and why. Both current and legacy apps are mentioned, and be...