Sharon Zardetto - Take Control of iBooks

MacVoices #13196: Sharon Zardetto Takes Control of iBooks

Sharon Zardetto took lots of time to go through the newest versions of Apple's iBooks, including the premier edition for the Mac, to research her new Take Control of iBooks. You wouldn't think there...
Chuck Joiner, Geoff Barrall

MacVoices #1355: Macworld 2013 – Geoff Barrall Introduces Transporter, Your Personal Cloud Storage Device

In the Podcast booth on show floor at Macworld/iWorld 2013, we talk to Connected Data CEO Geoff Barrall about one of the hot products introduced at the show, the Transporter. A connected storage device...
Chuck Joiner Eric Zarakov

MacVoices #19074: CES – Bellus3D Can Scan Your Face With An iPhone For Various Uses

Bellus3D was scanning faces at CES in Las Vegas using their app and standard iPhones to create files that can be used for serious things like dental reconstruction and eyesore, and fun things like...
Orta Therox, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #14168: AltConf – The Transition to Swift for Users and Coders with Orta Therox

At AltConference 2014 in San Francisco, programmer Orta Therox of Artsy talks about what Apple's new programming language, Swift, will mean for end users and coders alike. This edition of MacVoices is brought to you...
Peter Mahoney

MacVoices #1125: Macworld 2011 – Dragon Dictate Lets You Talk to Your Mac…and It Talks Back

At Macworld 2011 in the Nuance booth, Peter Mahoney, Senior Vice President & General Manager, covers their place in the Mac market, both on the Mac with Dragon Dictate and on the iPhone with...