Chuck Joiner, Mark Fuccio, Brett Terpstra, Frank Petrie, Jeff Gamet, Jim Rea, Frederick Van Johnson, Brittany Smith, Marina Epelman

MacVoices #20161: MacVoices Live – WWDC Review with a Super-Panel of Experts (3)

Our MacVoices Live discussion of the Apple WWDC announcements with the panel of Jeff Gamet, Marina Epelman, Mark Fuccio, Frank Petrie, Jim Rea, Michael T. Rose, Brittany Smith, Brett Terpstra, and Frederick Van Johnson wraps up by covering adaptive lighting, app libraries, picture-in-picture on the iPhone,...
Chuck Joiner, Aleksey Novicov

MacVoices #20154: Aleksey Novicov of Yodel Code Introduces ScreenBadge

Aleksey Novicov of Yodel Code introduces ScreenBadge, the latest in his evolving efforts to help facilitate the exchange of business contact information. With COVID-19, not only are we interacting in person less, but are reluctant to exchange...
Chuck Joiner, David Sparks

MacVoices #20151: David Sparks Releases New Field Guides For Keyboard Maestro and Apple Photos

We caught up with David Sparks to talk about his two latest Field Guides, Keyboard Maestro Field Guide, covering the automation utility and Photos Field Guide (2nd Edition), covering Apple’s Photos app. For Photos. In...
Chuck Joiner, Derrick Story

MacVoices #20146: Derrick Story Guides You Through Digitizing Your Family Memories

Like most of us years, and maybe even decades, of your family photos are in the proverbial shoe box under a bed somewhere. Derrick Story has a new course, Digitizing Family Memories, that will help you...
Chuck Joiner, Bryan Chaffin

MacVoices #20142: Bryan Chaffin Discusses His Satisfaction Level With Apple’s Release Schedules (1)

Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer has had some issues with Apple’s product release schedules in the past. He weighs in on how things have been going in recent months, both before and during the COVID-19 lockdown....