Chuck Joiner, Chris Lawson

MacVoices #13118: SuperMeet – Apogee Shows New Audio Hardware for iOS and Mac

From the Las Vegas SuperMeet 2013, Chris Lawson, Content Producer for Apogee, updates us on the latest and best hardware offerings for audio and video producers, including MiC, ONE for iPad & Mac, Duet for...
Chuck Joiner, Jean MacDonald

MacVoices #14068: Road to Macworld – Jean MacDonald Takes App Camp For Girls to the Next Level

The Road to Macworld  isn't just about adults. Jean MacDonald, the newly minted Executive Director for App Camp For Girls, talks about the App Camp for Girls Open House  at the show and why,...
Chuck Joiner, Samuel Goodwin

MacVoices #15136: AltConf – Samuel Goodwin of Roundwall Software On Developing Apps in Amsterdam

At AltConf in San Francisco, Samuel Goodwin of Roundwall Software talks about why he started his company in Amsterdam, the costs and challenges associated with developing apps, and what he gets from AltConf even...
Chuck Joiner, Chris Cohen, Neill Barham

MacVoices #19250: Neill Barham and Chris Cohen of FiLMiC Introduce Photo App Firstlight

FiLMiC has just released a new iPhone camera app, Firstlight, that approaches mobile photography from a new angle. Founder and CEO Neill Barham and CTO Chris Cohen talk about the analog roots of the...
Chuck Joiner, Todd Salkovitz

MacVoices #14045: Todd Salkovitz Organizes Your Memories With TicketBlast

Todd Salkovitz  demonstrates TicketBlast, his app for saving, organizing and sharing ticket stubs from all your memorable activities. Sporting events, concerts…they all require tickets, and those tickets are the perfect souvenir. But they also...