MacVoices #8104: Yuval Koren of Eye-Fi Profiles the Eye-Fi Explore SD Memory Card and What It Adds to Your Digital Camera

Want to add some useful capabilities to your existing digital camera? Yuval Koren, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Eye-Fi profiles their entire product like of digital memory cards that let any SD card-capable...
Chuck Joiner, Adam Engst

MacVoices #20179: SVMUG – Adam Engst on App Clips, Touch Screen Macs, Virtualization, Virtual WWDC

? Our live virtual discussion with the Silicon Valley Mac User Group, Adam Engst and host Chuck Joiner wraps up with Adam’s comments on App Clips and iOS 14, and questions from the audience on touch screen Macs,...

MacVoices #20199: Kirk McElhearn on Apple Music, Backing Up To A NAS, And More (2)

Our conversation with Kirk McElhearn continues with why backing up to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is a bit different than some other options, which drives to buy for your NAS, and cat photos....

MacVoices #767 – Clark Humphrey Helps You Take Control of Digital TV

The newest release from Take Control eBooks is an update to help you understand one of the most confusing consumer electronics purchase you can make: digital TV. Clark Humphrey, the author of Take Control...
Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Shelly Brisbin, Frank Petrie

MacVoices #20193: MacVoices Live! with Shelly Brisbin (1)

Shelly Brisbin was the featured guest on a recent edition of MacVoices Live!, where she joined David Ginsburg, Frank Petrie, and host Chuck Joiner. Shelly was installing the iOS 14 beta live to prepare to research...