MacVoices #631: MacVoices at Expo – Pelican Cases Protects Your Equipment in Extreme Conditions

Kevin Murphy of Pelican Products introduces their line of heavy-duty travel cases. Primarily developed for the military and law enforcement, crush-proof and water tight, Peligan's cases will let you take your equipment into extreme...

MacVoices #624: MacVoices at Expo: Remote Controls for Your Mac by Keyspan

Mike Ridenhour of Keyspan talks about their various remote control options for your Mac. Mike explains the differences and features of Keyspan's various offerings and how they apply to presentation software, iTunes and more.

MacVoices #619: MacVoices at Expo: equinux Shows off iSale and On Air

Alexander Dorner of equinux summarizes how iSale makes selling on eBay a snap, from the first listing to photo support to finalizing the transaction. Then, he covers the new On Air software lets you...

MacVoices #618: MacVoices at Expo: Matias Armors Your iPod and Mobile Macintosh

Tara Cooke of Matias talks about how their aluminum Laptop Armor and iPod Armor cases deliver the ultimate in protection for your mobile assets while maintaining style and good looks.

MacVoices #617: MacVoices at Expo: David Pogue’s Keynote Reactions, The Least Favorite Part of Tiger and More

David Pogue, the technology columnist for the New York Times and the creator of the "Missing Manual" series discusses his least favorite parts of Tiger, why he uses Entourage, his reaction to Steve Jobs'...