MacVoices #845: MacVoices at Expo – Audioengine’s Brady Bargenquast Discusses Their High-Quality Audio Products

Brady Bargenquast of Audioengine covers how their company started with some Apple DNA, and profiles their new AW1, their wireless solution that works with any speaker system. Brady talks about how the AW1 uses...

MacVoices #673: Steve Sande Reports on the Apple Impact at the Mobius 2006 Conference

Steve Sande, the author of Take Control of iWeb, and webmaster of The Gizmo Ranch discusses the impact that Apple and the Macintosh had at the recent Mobius 2006 Conference. Not only were Apple's...
Matt Neuburg

MacVoices #12118: Matt Neuburg Discusses Programming in General and for iOS in Particular

Matt Neuburg, the author of Programming iOS 5: Fundamentals of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch Development, talks about the opportunities involved programming in iOS 5 in particular, and programming in general. The popularity of...
Chuck Joiner, Adam Levi

MacVoices #14126: NAB – ReplayXD Delivers High Performance, Small Action Cameras

In Las Vegas at  NAB 2014, Adam Levi of ReplayXD, a line of high performance action cameras that can go just about anywhere without a lot of costly accessories, deliver 1080p performance, and take...

MacVoices #7118 – The Latest on Buying the Best Digital Camera from Laurence Chen

The world of digital cameras changes fast. That's why Laurence Chen has updated his book, Take Control of Buying A Digital Camera with the latest information on how to make the selection that's right...