MacVoices #8148: The Road to Macworld – Newer Technology’s New Product Line-Up by Grant Dahlke

On The Road to Macworld, Newer Technology's Grant Dahlke talks about the products that they'll be showing at in San Francisco. At the top of their list is the Voyager, a drive dock that...
Michael Sidejas

MacVoices #1026: MacVoices at Macworld – Michael Sidejas of FuJitsu on the New Portable ScanSnap Document Scanner

In the Fujitsu booth at Macworld 2010, Michael Sidejas demonstrates the newest addition to the ScanSnap line of document scanners, the accompanying software that can make even the most faded receipt legible, the optical...

MacVoices #738 – MacVoices at Expo: Recosoft Converts PDF Documents to InDesign

Need to do more with your PDFs? Recosoft has you covered. Paul Chadha talks about both their PDF2Office line of software that lets you extract PDF document data so it can be edited in...
Chuck Joiner, Jeff Carlson

MacVoices #13177: Jeff Carlson Finishes Up Take Control of Your Digital Photos On A Mac

Jeff Carlson  has finished up his series of  Take Control of Your Digital Photos articles  for  TidBITS, and it has successfully morphed into Take Control of Your Digital Photos on a Mac, the...
Byba Sepitkova, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #14130: NAB – Pond5 Delivers Stock Media With A Difference for Users and Creators

On the show floor at  NAB 2014, Byba Sepitkova, Artist Relations Manager for Pond5, talks about their ever-expanding collection of stock video, photos, music, sound effects, After Effects and 3D models. Pond5 has a...