Chuck Joiner, David Ginsburg, Josh Centers, Michael E. Cohen 2

MacVoices #20200: MacVoices Live! with Josh Centers (1)

This MacVoices Live! focused on the Apple/Epic Games battle royale, with some great perspectives by featured guest Josh Centers, as well as David Ginsburg, Michael E. Cohen, and host Chuck Joiner. In the first part of the conversation,...
Hansol Hong, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #19057: ShowStoppers – Robolink Introduces Zumi To Teach Kids Programming

At ShowStoppers in Las Vegas, we catch up with CEO Hansol Hong of Robolink, who demonstrates Zumi, their CES Innovation Award-winning product that helps kids learn about things like programming, artificial intelligence, and self driving cars. This edition...
Chuck Joiner, Joseph Zhang

MacVoices #19031: Pepcom – IOGEAR Releases New Products for Video, Connectivity, and Gaming

At Pepcom in Las Vegas, IOGEAR had so much new hardware that it took Joseph Zhang, Director of Product Management, and Mike Volpe, Marketing Manager, to show it all off. From wireless 4K video distribution to USB-C switches to...
Chuck Joiner, Nick Cherukuri

MacVoices #19010: CES Unveiled – ThirdEye Makes Mixed Reality Glasses Smaller and Better

Third Eye makes mixed reality a little better with their new, smaller X2 glasses. At CES Unveiled, President Nick Cherukuri explains both the entertainment value as well as the practical, industrial applications of their product. This edition...
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MacVoices #19005: CES Unveiled – 3dRudder VR Control Device Adds PlayStation Compatibility

At CES Unveiled, Stanislas Chesnais, the Founder and CEO of 3dRudder, updates us on the news about their unique foot controls for virtual reality. This year, they have added PlayStation compatibility to further their reach into...