Chuck Joiner, Tracy Thomas

MacVoices #17015: Pepcom – Kanex Introduces New Apple Watch Gear and iOS Game Controller

At Pepcom in Las Vegas, Tracy Thomas, Marketing Program Manager for Kanex, shows us their line-up of new gear that includes the GoPower Watch Mini, a keychain-sized Apple Watch battery, the GoPower Watch Stand that...
Omaha Sternburg

MacVoices #10120: Omaha Sternberg on Apple’s Gaming Position and Better Games for iDevices

At BlogWorld in Las Vegas, gaming expert Omaha Sternberg talks about how games push technology forward, and how Apple is taking some surprising lead positions in gaming, especially portable gaming. Even if Steve Jobs...
Chuck Joiner, Andrew Orr, Bart Busschots, Mike Potter

MacVoices #20283: MacVoices Holiday Gift Guide #7 (1)

The newest MacVoices Gift Guide panel of Andrew Orr, Bart Busschots, and Mike Potter brings even more interesting picks to the party, with options that range from health-related to photography to Apple collectables. (Part 1 of 2) This...
Mike McGary, Chuck_Joiner

MacVoices #13153: AltWWDC – Mike McGary of Avacata On Bishook, OddTunes:Hang and Upcoming Apps

At  AltWWDC  in San Francisco, Mike McGary  of Avacata gives us a look at two very different apps. Bishook is a combination Tic-Tac-Toe/Chess game that is strangely compelling, especially when you play it against...
Bart Busschots, Josh Centers, Jeff Gamet, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #15195: The MacJury Examines The First Few Days With The New Apple TV

The MacJury panel takes a look at their first few days with the new Apple TV. From the new Siri Remote to bottom line performance, there is a lot to like about the new...