Don McAllister, Ken Ray, Tonya Engst, Chuck Joiner 2

MacVoices #17189: The MacJury on Apple’s September 12 Announcements

Shortly after things wrapped up at Apple’s September 12 event, The MacJury convened to provide some thoughts on the many announcements, and the event itself. The first event at the new Steve Jobs Theater...
Nigel Timothy Barber, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #14159: AltConf – Nigel Timothy Barber of Mindbrix Explains The Benefits of Vector GL

At AltConference 2014 in San Francisco, Nigel Timothy Barber of Mindbrixexplains the difference his project, Vector GL, can make in a developer's project, especially those requiring sophisticated, smooth animation of vector-style graphics. This edition of...
Chuck Joiner, Tim Robertson

MacVoices #17089: Road to Macstock – Tim Robertson On The Importance of Game Shows and Fun

Back on the Road to Macstock, Tim Robertson of TechFan talks about the game show session he and Guy Serle will be running as part of this year’s event. This won’t be the first appearance of...
Max Green

MacVoices #1365: Macworld 2013 – BowBlade Gives A Real-World Feel to Archery-Oriented Games

In the BowBlade booth on the show floor  at  Macworld/iWorld 2013 in San Francisco, Max Green  demonstrated their archery game controller that looks more like the real thing than almost any other game accessory...
Chuck Joiner, Jim Tanous

MacVoices #13135: Jim Tanous Launches The New Tech News Site, TekRevue

TekRevue is the newest tech news and information site on the web, and we've got the founder and head guy, Jim Tanous, to tell us about it. Jim talks about why, in an already...