MacVoices #635: Michael Horton on Final Cut Pro Events and Organization Structure


Michael HortonMichael Horton of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group talks about the major FCP event held at January’s Macworld Conference & Expo, the start of planning for the next event at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show in Las Vegas, the structure of FCP user groups, and why one may not be the loneliest number.

MacNotables #611: Dennis Sellers on Macsimum News’ Global Contributors, Replacing Equipment and Why You Can’t Escape the iPod


Dennis SellersDennis Sellers returns to tell us about his experiences at and after Macworld Expo and why he is having to replace all his Mac equipment, why Macsimum News has contributors from all over the world and the increasing pervasiveness of the iPod.

MacVoices #634: MacVoices at Expo – Jeff Carlson Wraps Up Macworld Expo

Jeff Carlson From the Podcast Stage on the show floor, Jeff Carlson of TidBITS provides his wrap-up of the highlights of Macworld Expo. Jeff and Chuck share a discussion of show favorites, the entire Expo experience and how information on the show floor seems to travel by osmosis.

MacVoices #633: MacVoices at Expo – How FilmLoop Goes Beyond Simple Photo Sharing


FilmLoopFrom the Podcast Place stage on the Expo floor, Alice Lankester and Karen Mullarkey from FilmLoop talk about arguably the coolest software debuted at the show, how it allows you to share photos in an entirely new way and the fact that they beat Steve Jobs to the “photocasting” concept by one day. Karen, the Editorial Director for FilmLoop, describes how the program can go way beyond just casual photo sharing, change the way professional photographers interact with their audience, and revolutionize photojournalism.

MacVoices #632: MacVoices at Expo – Other World Computing Delivers High-Quality Critical Components For Your Mac


Other World ComputingRikki-Lee Travolta and Chris Stevens from Other World Computing discuss their new 160GB FireWire 400/800 On The Go hard drive introduced at Expo, how OWC maintains quality and adds value to their drives, why hard drives are like pacemakers, and why the guy in their booth replacing iPod batteries was wearing a blindfold.