User Group Report #201: Elsa Travisano of MUG ONE

Appointed to the User Group Advisory Board in January, Elsa Travisano talks about her group and what makes them special, her family background in user groups, and a chance encounter with Steve Jobs.

User Group Report #106: Dave Game of Gold Coast Mac

Dave Game talks about Gold Coast Mac’s attendance at and participation in the opening of the Apple Store in Miami, and their December meeting featuring presentations by Apple and Microsoft.

User Group Report #105: Richard Crispin of The Canadian Consortium of User Groups

Richard Crispin discussed the CCUG and what they hope to accomplish for Macintosh User Groups in Canada,. Also discussed were review of some of the events at Macworld Expo New York 2001.

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User Group Report #104: Yuan-Yuan Sun of Macintosh Users Switzerland

Yuan-Yuan Sun of Macintosh Users Switzerland talks about Apple Expo Paris and Macintosh User Group’s part in it, the European User Group community and more. Also, a summary of regional MUG events for the month.

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User Group Report #103: Rob Scheschareg of IDG World Expo

This installment features an interview with Rob Scheschareg, Vice-President of IDG World Expo
who discusses the importance of Macintosh User Groups to Macworld Expo, and how the partnership beteween the two has strengthened and grown over the last few years.

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