MacNotables #616: Adam Engst and Ted Landau on Lawsuits Against Apple and the iPod Line-Up


Apple is being sued for iPod volume and the design of iTunes. Adam Engst and Ted Landau share their thoughts on why that’s just plain wrong, and discuss the iPod nano 1 GB and iPod shuffle’s places in Apple’s product matrix.

Adam Engst

Ted Landau

Chuck Joiner

MacNotables #615: Dennis Sellers on Podcasts, Vodcasts and More From Macsimum News


Dennis SellersDennis Sellers, Chief Macsimizer of Macsimum News is back to discusses his site’s latest expansion into both podcasting and vodcasting, thoughts on the iPod nano and more. Will Dennis challenge Howard Stern as the “King of All Media?” Find out in this solo session.

MacVoices #637: Dan Pourhadi on iWeb, No iPod Announcements at Expo, and Why, “If It’s Too Mobile, You’re Too Old”

Dan PourhadiDan Pourhadi, our youth correspondent, talks about the controversy he whipped up when he called iWeb, “a piece of crap,” why no iPod annoucments at Expo might have alienated a segment of Apple’s audience and why, when it comes to video, the saying has been updated to, “If it’s too mobile, you’re too old.”

MacNotables #614: MacNotables at Sea


The MacNotables hit the high seas, delivering a show from the Mac Mania Geek Cruise. Or was it Jason’s apartment? Who knows. The panel talks about why a geek cruise is unlike any other Mac experience, introduce the Macworld Trio (keyboards, guitar and…ukilalie?), touch on the new iPod nano 1 GB, and disappear from the show under mysterious circumstances. Perhaps it was last call for the dessert course?

MacNotables #613: Ted Landau Gets Technical with the Intel iMac and Running Universal Binaries in PowerPC Mode


Ted LandauTed Landau gets technical with the new Intel iMac in a discussion of Open Firmware vs. Extensible Firmware Interface, GUID partitions and more. He also talks about why you might want to run certain Universal Binary applications in PowerPC mode, and outlines a few “gotcha’s” for the new or soon-to-be-new Intel Mac owner.