User Group Report #207: David Empson and Graeme Moffatt of The Wellington Macintosh Society

Graememoffatt-1David Empson and and Graeme Moffatt of the Wellington Macintosh Society talk about a wide variety of topics, including why their group decided to hold a Mac Expo & User Group Conference, and how they are involving local Apple resellers, Microsoft, PC users and even The Lord Of The Rings in the project. Their preliminary efforts to form a country-wide connection between the MUGs in New Zealand are also described. A review of some of the MUG Center’s most recent and significant additions on the third anniversary of the site’s launch round out this report.

User Group Report #206: Rowan Rozanski of the Colorado State Macintosh Users Group

Rowan Rozanski of the Colorado State Macintosh Users Group is one of the new breed of MUG leaders on campus. She talks about how her group came into being, what they do, how they involve students and faculty alike, her experiences at Macworld Expo and User Group University in San Francisco, why you don’t have to be a Mac expert to be a user group leader, and why she would recommend getting involved in a MUG to any young person. A reminder about the regular reports filed by the Apple Regional Liaison Team concludes this edition.

User Group Report #205: Rose Lynn of Gold Coast Mac

Rose Lynn of Gold Coast Mac talks about what it means to be a user group leader and what they offer, regardless of platform, the regional approach of FACUG and what they do, her own group, the FACUG Spring and Fall conferences, and much more.The MUG Center’s partnership with the User Group Advisory Board and Regional Liaison Team in covering special vendor offers to MUGs rounds out this edition.

User Group Report #204: Dan East, President of the Mid-Atlantic MUG Team

Dan East talks about his regional MUG organization. The Mid-Atlantic MUG Team, recently expanded from the Tri-State MUG Team, what MAMUGS is all about, the services they offer, and why a regional approach is a good thing for any group of MUGs to consider. Details on why The MUG Center has added a discussion forum to its offerings rounds out this report.

User Group Report #203: Dan Berube, President of the Boston Final Cut Pro User Group

Dan Berube talks about the largest Final Cut Pro User Group on the East Coast, how they outgrew their meeting place in one meeting, the concept of digital storytelling and why it is important in today’s world, what their group offers, how they hope to expand into the campus environment and much more. An update on why the User Group Report will receive more frequent updates finishes off this edition. (3/18)