MacVoices #621: MacVoices at Expo: Google Earth Explained by Mike Pinkerton

Google EarthOne “Macworld Best of Show” award winner that you can try out for free is the Mac version of Google Earth, the amazing and addictive application that lets you view the world in all sorts of new and interesting ways. Mike Pinkerton of Google talks about how it works and why Google has released it to the public at no charge.

MacNotables #608: Macworld Expo Wrap-Up Part 2 and Who Was First With Photocasting

The second of two Macworld Expo wrap-up shows includes Expo highlights, a detail-filled “desert island product” discussion, coverage of the photo-sharing duel: iPhoto’s new capabilities vs. FilmLoop’s new approach, and some real-time research into who came up with “photocasting” first.

Christopher Breen

Adam Engst

Tonya Engst

Andy Ihnatko

Ted Landau

Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #620: MacVoices at Expo: Recosoft’s Paul Chadha Presents PDF2Office

RecosoftPaul Chadha of Recosoft introduces us to the newest version of PDF2Office, the solution for getting information out of PDF documents and into an editable format. Version 3 of the Professional edition introduces over 200 new features and compatibility with exports to PowerPoint, and invaluable addition for business users.

MacVoices #619: MacVoices at Expo: equinux Shows off iSale and On Air

equinuxAlexander Dorner of equinux summarizes how iSale makes selling on eBay a snap, from the first listing to photo support to finalizing the transaction. Then, he covers the new On Air software lets you create your very own video wall of web cams on your Mac, and brings Mac compatibility to many PC-only web cams.

MacVoices #618: MacVoices at Expo: Matias Armors Your iPod and Mobile Macintosh

MatiasTara Cooke of Matias talks about how their aluminum Laptop Armor and iPod Armor cases deliver the ultimate in protection for your mobile assets while maintaining style and good looks.