User Group Report #503: Internet TV with iTube, In-Depth with Mariner Software’s President and Campus MovieFest Update

We take a look at the hottest new Mac news site, talk in detail about how the #1 deal site on the Mac web continues to grow and improve and how they are interacting with their readers, profile a Mac programming user group and catch up on the latest MUG deals and news.

Michael Wray
Michael Wray, president of Mariner Software, discusses his company, their MarinerWrite and MarinerCalc products and how they compete with Microsoft Office, their newest offering, MacJournal and how blogging has changed the way everyone looks at keeping a diary, why Mariner is still around when so many others have lost the fight in word processing and spreadsheets, their lifetime upgrade plan and more.

David Roemer
David Roemer of Campus MovieFest returns with an update on how this student moviemaking event has grown and grown, details on the southeast colleges and universities who are participating in this spring’s event, what this year’s premier event at the Fox Theater in Atlanta will feature, and he sees Campus MovieFest becoming even bigger and better in the future.

Craig Stadler
Craig Stadler of East Bay Technologies introduces his company’s two Mac products, iTube and the upcoming iWire Broadcast, what they offer in the way of audio and video media delivery from the Internet, and why they could provide you with topics for your user group’s upcoming meetings.

User Group Report #502: The AppleWorks Users Group & Hacking iTunes

iWork was the hottest software introduced at Macworld Conference & Expo last month. We take a detailed look at where it is, where it is going, and how the world’s largest user group will support their members during the transition. We also talk to a noted author who has various Apple and MUG roots, find out about his projects and how he wants to become more involved with user groups.

Warren Williams
Cathy Merritt

Warren Williams and Cathy Merritt of The AppleWorks Users Group (AWUG) join us to talk about Apple’s introduction of iWork, the building of, “…the successor to AppleWorks,” and how they are already looking at adapting their group and their extensive resources to meet the needs of their members and all the opportunities that the new products offer. AWUG offers resources and benefits that local user groups can take advantage of. Find out about those and more in this in-depth interview with two experts on one of Apple’s most enduring software products.

Scott Knaster
Scott Knaster, author of Hacking iPod + iTunes and MacToys: 12 Cool Projects for Home, Office, and Entertainment talks about his books and what they offer user groups, his latest project, Hacking Mac OS X Tiger, his unsual collection of URLs, and how your group can invite him to be a speaker at an upcoming meeting.

User Group Report #501: Chris Breen of and Robin Rowe of the Linux Movies, Apple Shake & Apple Motion user Groups

Our first show of 2005 kicks off with updates on user group resources from a major contributor, a profile of three different user groups from their founder, updates on vendor offers and more.
Christopher Breen
Christoper Breen, Editior-in-Chief of and author of Secrets of the iPod and iTunes (5th Edition) talks about his latest music and iPod-focused activities, the newest edition of his book, and some changes to his popular Breen’s Bungalow’ user group resource.

Robin Rowe
Robin Rowe, the founder of Apple Motion Users Group, Apple Shake Users Group, and the Linux Movies Group discusses the three user groups he founded, how their structures differ from other user group models but work for them, the expertise level of his membership, and why the time for these groups has come.

User Group Report #420: Adam Engst of TidBITS, The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, Vendor Offers & 2004 Wrap-Up

Our final show of the year discusses a user group program that has just delivered enough quality meeting topics for the full first quarter of next year, a brand new Macworld Conference & Expo attraction, and the final installment in the series on how to make your user group look good.

Adam Engst
Adam Engst of TidBITS talks about the three new Take Control ebooks his team has delivered in December, how they make perfect MUG meeting topics, and the benefits of the TidBITS User Group Program.

John Lennon Tour Bus
Brian Rothschild, the Executive Director of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, profiles this first-time attraction at Macworld Conference & Expo, how the bus was recently refitted with the help of Apple, and what it brings to students who are interested in getting their hands on professional-level recording equipment.

User Group Report #419: Michael Horton of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group, User Group Offers, Holiday MUG Activities & More

Our feature guest talks about how his Final Cut Pro User Group found a new home, and we have more tips on how your group can improve their graphic images, no matter what the use. Vendor deals for MUGs, user group news and a Macworld Expo update round out this edition.

Michael Horton
Michael Horton of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group joins us to talk about a recent meeting location challenge his group faced, and how they turned the problem into and opportunity.