MacNotables #604: Macworld Expo Keynote Impressions from The MacNotables

Steve Jobs’ keynote address is only hours old, but the MacNotables are on the job, delivering first impressions on the announcements as well as observations on aspects of the show that you wouldn’t expect. Get the first word here, then join us on the show floor at Expo.

Christopher Breen

Bryan Chaffin



Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #602: Guy Kawasaki Talks FilmLoop, the New Paradigm in Photo Sharing

Guy KawasakiAt a press conference at the W Hotel in San Francisco on Monday, January 9, Guy Kawasaki introduced the Mac version of FilmLoop, the cool new rich-media way to share your photos. Guy talked exclusively to MacVoices about FilmLoop, why it represents a brand new paradigm for photo sharing, why he thinks it deserves “Guy’s Golden Touch,” and best of all, why it is free!

MacNotables #603: Dr. Mac Delivers a Macworld Expo Prognosis

Bob Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus talks about his pre-show picks. Speculation? Sure, but not the kind you would expect. “Virtual PC” could mean something totally different by the end of the week. Bob also gives us a list of the highlights of the week. No NDA’s were killed or even injured in the making of this edition.

MacNotables #602: Andy Ihnatko’s Macworld Expo Predictions

Andy IhnatkoAndy Ihnatko speculates on the possibilities of video announcements at Macworld Expo as only Andy can. Andy discusses why movies would be a logical next step for the iTunes music store, makes the Apple/Chuck Norris connection, and sings out this edition. (Yes, we said “sings.”)

MacNotables #601: Healthy Hard Drives Part 2, the Biggest Mac Stories of 2005 and What To Install on a New Mac

Ted Landau follows up on listener feedback and questions on how to keep your hard drive healthy, including copying your Tiger DVD, how to properly repair permissions and more. Then, Ted and Jim Dalrymple provide their thoughts on the biggest Mac stories of 2005.

Jim Dalrymple
Jim Dalrymple

Ted Landau
Chuck Joiner
Chuck Joiner