User Group Report #529: Getting Scientific On Your Mac with George Storm, Matching Your Colors with ColorIQ and Mac News Braintrust with Brian Chaffin of The Mac Observer

Want to do scientific data input on your Mac? Find out what the hot new product was at the ADHOC/MacHack Conference, learn how you can keep your digital photos’ colors more consistent and get the latest commentary on the Mac news headlines.

George Storm
George Storm, an associate of Perfectly Scientific, Inc. and founder of the Seattle XCoders, talks about the bTop-1 interface board that gets data from the physical world into your Mac, his group’s focus on programming, and how you might be able to borrow his robot.

Erik Rogers
Erik Rogers of ColorIQ explains how his company’s flagship product, IQ Match, can help you keep your images looking both good and consistent as they move from digital camera to screen, screen to printer, and beyond, and how they made an early connection with user groups.

Bryan Chaffin
Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer and The iPod Observer delivers this week’s Mac News Braintrust segment.

User Group Report #528: Mac Annoyances and Macs and Windows with John Rizzo, Virginia MUG at Digital Edge Expo, Twenty Years of North Coast Mac Users Group, Mac News Braintrust with Jim Dalrymple of MacCentral, Vendor Offers for MUGs and More

Dealing with Mac and other technology annoyances, Macs working with Windows networks, a user group going out of their way to participate in an Expo, another celebrating 20 years, Mac news commentary, vendor offers and more are all included in this week’s show.

John Rizzo
John Rizzo, author of Mac Annoyances from O’Reilly, talks about those little things that bother every Mac user and how to deal with them, the web site where you can find all sorts of good information on dealing with annoying technology issues (not just on the Mac), making Macs and Windows play nice together nicely on networks and much more in our in-depth interview.

Judy Morse
Judy Morse of The Virginia Macintosh Users Group talks about her group’s upcoming participation in Digital Edge Expo, a new technology event in Washington D.C., why this is a stretch for them, and why they’re doing it anyway.

Larry Hrusovsky
Larry Hrusovsky of The North Coast Macintosh Users Group of Ohio talks about his group, what makes it special, and how they will celebrate their 20th anniversary with a special pic and raffle of a Mac mini.

JIm Dalrymple
Jim Dalrymple of MacCentral is this week’s Mac News Braintrust commentator, discussing what’s important in the Mac headlines and why.

User Group Report #527: Lynda Weinman of, Hawaii Mac Nuts’ Latest Project, Mac News Braintrust with Dennis Sellers of Macsimum Perspective, Backing Up Your Mac Part 4 and More

This week we look at a vendor-user group project from both sides, get the details on one of the premier training sites on the internet and what they offer on- and offline, talk about the week’s Mac news, discuss the importance of off-site backups and more.

Lynda Weinman
Lynda Weinman, the founder of, talks about her start in the user group community, how her site has grown into on of the largest and most diverse providers of computer training, how they maintain their quality while contining to expand, and more.

Margaret Strubel
Margaret Strubel of Hawaii Mac Nuts discusses their new series of Mac training seminars for both their members and their community, and their partnership with as the supplier of some of the materials being presented.

Dennis Seller
Dennis Sellers of Macsimum News covers some of the most important Mac news of the week and peers into his crystal ball to discuss what may be coming later this year.

User Group Report #526: Adam and Tonya Engst of TidBITS, Scott Knaster on the Ad-Hoc/MacHack Conference and Mac News Braintrust with Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer

Our bonus-length show this week includes a visit from two of the most informed and influential people in the Mac industry, a report on what may be the last Ad-Hoc/MacHack Conference, and commentary on the most recent Mac headlines by a member of our Mac News Braintrust.

Adam Engst
Tonya Engst

Adam and Tony Engst of TidBITS talk about Macworld Boston, podcasting (and Tonya adds two new terms to the lexicon), the evolution of Macintosh computing and more in this week’s feature-length interview.

Bryan Chaffin

Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer is this week’s Mac News Braintrust guest, and discusses Mighty Mouse, the iTunes Music Store’s opening in Japan and other timely topics from the Mac headlines.

Scott Knaster

Scott Knaster, the author of Hacking Mac OS X Tiger is back to give us his take on the recent Ad-Hoc/MacHack Conference. Scott explains why this conference is different than any other, describes some of the cool hacks, and talks about the future (or lack thereof) for Ad-Hoc/MacHack.

User Group Report #525: Swift Publisher from BeLight Software, Peachpit Authors Cynthia Baron and Dan Peck, Hacking Tiger with Scott Knaster, Voting for Podcasts and August MUG Events

Hacking Apple’s latest operating in ways both simple and advanced, a cool new publishing product from a user group-supporting vendor, and some practical thoughts on digital photography, digital asset presentation, Filemaker Pro, why we don’t care about podcast votes and highlights of the month’s MUG Events are all here waiting for you in this weeks’ show.

Irina Nazarova
Irina Nasarova of Belight Software is back to discuss their brand new page layout product, Swift Publisher. Irina tells us why Swift Publisher is a viable contender to Pages, outlines some of the key features, reveals where Belight got their name and corporate mascot, and announces a contest so you can win a free copy of a Belight Product.

Cynthiabaron Danpeck

Cynthia Baron and Dan Peck, the authors of The Digital Photography Field Guide, FileMaker Pro 7 Advanced for Windows and Macintosh : Visual QuickPro Guide, and more, all from Peachpit, talk about digital photography, Filemaker Pro 7, defining yourself in the digital age and more.

Author Scott Knaster talks about his latest project, the just-released Hacking Mac OS X Tiger from Wiley, how it differs from other Tiger books by forcing the reader to get involved, poking around under the hood of the newest version of the Mac OS regardless of whether you are a novice or a programmer, and why doing so is something you should try.