MacNotables #525: The Future of FireWire, USB Toys and Behind The Scenes at TidBITS Part 2

Adam EngstAdam Engst of TidBITS talks about the longevity of his publication and the challenges of offering it in multiple languages, some of the USB toys that were the rage this year (and why one of them isn’t for Mac users), the future of FireWire and the Macintosh, and where you can meet Adam and company at Macworld Expo.

MacVoices #521: Getting the Most Out of eBay with Nancy Conner

Nancy ConnerDidn’t get what you wanted for the holidays? Need to get rid of what you did get? Or maybe you just are looking to get a great deal on anything? Nancy Conner, the author of eBay: The Missing Manual from Pogue Press and O’Reilly, talks about getting the most out of the online auction service. Tips for both novice and experienced users cover the many types of auctions on eBay, basic and advanced bidding and sales techniques and how to protect yourself when buying and selling. Want to know how to snipe auctions? What all those eBay ratings mean? Nancy covers all this and more.

MacNotables #524: Photo Processing Services, Print Shop 2.0, Generic Ink and Who Mourns for Internet Explorer

The importance of the recently-released Print Shop 2.0, online photo processing service picks, whether to choose name-brand inks or generics for your printer and a discussion of the demise of Internet Explorer are all included in this edition.

Christopher Breen
Bob “Dr. Mac”

Chuck Joiner

MacNotables #523: Andy Ihnatko on Blogging, Why to Do It and What Can Happen If You Do

Andy Ihnatko talks about naughty Christmas cards, why people blog, how it can make some very strange connections, why you can’t be honest if you blog, what’s in his professional future and more in the style that only Andy can deliver.

Andy Ihnatko
Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #520: Winn Schwartau on Why the Sony Rootkit Issue Was a Non-Issue

Winn SchwartauInternet security expert and notable Mac switcher Winn Schwartau discusses the Sony rootkit issue and why he didn’t bother with it. Winn also covers the challenges of enterprise-level migrations to the Mac and why it wouldn’t be quite as easy as you might imagine.