MacVoices #507: Leander Kahney on “The Cult of iPod”

Leander KahneyLeander Kahney, the author of the new The Cult of iPod from No Starch Press, discusses the impact of Apple’s portable music player (now video player) and how it has changed the music industry, the music culture and how music is consumed. The importance of digital rights management in the iPod’s success, the trademark white earphones, the selection of television programs as the first video content and why there is no end in sight are all covered by this expert on the Apple industry.

MacNotables #509: Software Piracy, Google AdWords, Refurbished Macs and Managing URLs

The MacNotables team comment on a web site illegally distributing Apple software, summarize the Apple Google Adwords controversy, cover refurbished Macs as a option to upgrade your machine and discuss how they manage their collections of URLs. The panel for this episode includes:

Adam Engst
Adam Engst

Bob LeVitus
Chuck Joiner
Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #506: The Teen View of the iPod, Styles in Pages and The “Not A Video iPod” Email List

Warren Williams
Warren Williams Dan Pourhadi Phil Shapiro

Warren Williams of the iWork Users Group is back with another tip on using the iWork programs to the max, this time giving us an introduction to Styles in Pages.

Dan Pourhadi joins the MacVoices team as a regular correspondent covering the Apple and Mac industry from the teen perspective. Everyone agrees that the youth market drives much of Apple’s success. Dan talks about what that market thinks about the new video capabilities of the iPod, the “cool factor” of Apple’s digital music player, and more.

Phil Shapiro is excited about creating content for the newest version of the iPod, and tells us why he created the “Not A Video iPod” email list, why you might want to join, and how authors are already trading tips and tricks on producing some surprising content for the *really* small screen.

MacNotables #508: Ted Landau on Beach Balls, Force Quits and Taking Out the Trash

Ted LandauMac troubleshooting expert Ted Landau holds forth on what to do when your Mac starts acting up. What causes the dreaded beach ball and how do you get rid of it? Where do you start when an application won’t launch? What are the implications of force quitting applications? And how do you get rid of those pesky items that get stuck in your trash? Ted delivers insight and practical advice on all these questions and more.

MacVoices #505: The Adobe Momentum In Print Conference

Frank RomanoAdobe is launching a new conference for print professionals, Momentum In Print, in January in San Francisco. Frank Romano, Professor Emeritus of the Rochester Institute of Technology and the chair of the Momentum In Print Advisory Group, discusses the importance of this conference, and print in general, what it will deliver, and why you might want to consider a career in the print industry.