MacVoices #16160: Diane Hamilton of Binary Formations Improves Our Habits with My Reasons

Diane Hamilton  of  Binary Formations  is back to talk about their latest offering, My Reasons. Available as both a Mac menu bar app and as an iOS App, My Reasons is a habit builder that helps build good habits (or break bad ones) by putting motivational photos and materials front and center on your Mac or iOS device. Automatic tracking of your successes help you see how you are doing and where you need to improve. Diane gives us a demo of the Mac version, explain where the idea for My Reasons came from, and why there are Apple TV and Apple Watch versions.

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MacVoices #16159: Victor Cajiao On The Tech, Creativity and Business of Creating a Music CD

Victor Cajiao, along with musical partner Joe Cristina, has released Surrender, a musical project years in the making. Victor gives us a fascinating look at what it takes for an independent artist to put together a commercially available CD, start to finish. From the tech involved in creating the first rough demos to getting the music published on the streaming services and making a physical CD available, he walks us through the process, describing what is involved in each step. Along the way Victor gives us much to think about what it means to support and compensate musicians.

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MacVoices #16158: Adam Engst and Josh Centers Take Control of Apple’s Preview

Adam Engst  and Josh Centers  have a new Take Control book out that covers an application you already have. In Take Control of Preview, Adam and Josh look at the power of the Preview that goes way beyond just PDF viewing. They talk about how the book was the result of reader demand, how it can be used to annotate PDFs, tweak images, mark up and even digitally sign documents. With the same photo imaging engine used in iPhoto, alpha channel capabilities, scanner support and more, Preview might become your image editor of choice. Find out from Adam and Josh why Preview may not solve all your problems, but why it might become one of your most frequently used apps.

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MacVoices #16157: Drobo’s Mihir Shah On The New DroboPix App and The Company’s Progress

Drobo CEO Mihir Shah and Mark  Fuccio introduce us to the latest new capability for Drobo, the  DroboPix  iOS app, that allows you to automatically upload your photos to your network-attached Drobo. This gives you your own private cloud service and backup service for photos you take while out and about. Mihir and Mark talk about the feature set and which Drobo models are supported, and Mihir also provides an update on how Drobo, as a company, is progressing.

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MacVoices #16156: Macstock & Midwest Mac BBQ Free-For-All and Karaoke

If you missed  Macstock Conference & Expo  and the  Midwest Mac BBQ, I want you give you the flavor of the events by talking to as many attendees, presenters and friends as I could before we lost the light.

Appearing in order: