MacVoices #18193: Josh Centers Takes Control of iOS 12

Josh Centers has continued his run of iOS guides with Take Control of iOS 12. Josh discusses what many have seen in the betas, and why you can look forward to a stable transition to the latest version of the iPhone and iPad operating system. New features to monitor your device use, security updates and Lock screen, Home screen, and Control Center customization are all included as Josh authors a definitive guide to getting the most out of iOS 12.

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MacVoices #18192: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Upgrading to Mojave

Joe Kissell is back with a new book that is more than timely. In Take Control of Upgrading to Mojave, Joe talks us through some of the things we will need to be aware of as we transition to the latest version of the Mac OS. More than just the standard advice about backups, Joe shares some of the things you should prepare for, and some the things you should watch out for. The conversion to APFS , what is different this time around, why Apple’s focus on security and privacy is a good thing, but requires a bit more understanding than before, the potential pitfalls of the Apple Mail upgrade, and much more are involved in this upgrade.

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MacVoices #18191: Terri Morgan of Luma Touch On The New Video Editing Capabilities of LumaFusion

Terri Morgan, the co-founder and Principle Designer at Luma Touch, gives us a preview of the new version of LumaFusion, their IOS-video editing app that brings the power of a non-linear editor to the iPad and iPhone. Integration with StoryBlocks footage and effects, and intuitive search are some of the additions, and Terri hints at even more in the coming months.

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Terri Morgan is Co-Founder and Principle Designer at LumaTouch. She brings over 30 years of experience from the video industry to her passion for user experience and design. In 1988 Terri helped usher in the era of non-linear editing as a video editor at Alpha Cine Labs in Seattle. In 1995 she joined Lightworks in London, and became a Product Specialist, creating a powerful, multi-track editing system. In 2000, she founded a video editing and consulting business providing design and testing for Fast Multimedia and Pinnacle Systems. In 2007, Terri joined Avid as a Principal Product Designer where she led the product management and design of Pinnacle Studio for iPad and was honored with the Avid Achievement Award. Terri has received multiple awards for her editing work, including 3 Telly awards. She earned her BA in Visual Communications at The Evergreen State College, and her Professional Certificate in Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington.


Durga Asche (a film cut entirely in LumaFusion)

MacVoices #18190: MacVoices Update – 2018-09

In the September Update, Chuck talks about a new social media presence, asks for you to answer a two-question social media survey, and reviews some new recording methods for MacVoices. Why MacVoices Magazine is published on Flipboard, and how you can access the content on the web, and the latest update on the MacVoices Patreon campaign are included as well.

MacVoices Two-Question Social Media Survey

MacVoices #18189: The MacJury Discusses Their Desires for the Next iPhone

As we approach an anticipated September Apple announcement of new iPhones, the MacJury panel of Shelly BrisbinPeter Cohen, and Rob Walsh join host Chuck Joiner to contemplate their slate of desired features. Forget the rumors, the group discuss real-world possibilities and probabilities, from price to size, camera to processor. Find out what they think will happen to the existing models, and what would make them upgrade their current phones.

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