Chuck Joiner, Winston Chen

MacVoices #20139: Winston Chen Discusses Voice Dream, The eBook Reader That Does It All (Part 1)

Winston Chen, the Founder and iOS Developer for Voice Dream talks about their flagship app that provides a variety of ebook-reading features, including text-to-speech in a number of different voices and languages and more. In...
Chuck Joiner, John Brayton

MacVoices #20134: Developer John Brayton Updates Golden Hill Software’s Unread 2

John Brayton of Golden Hill Software gives us an update on Unread 2, his RSS reader that not only looks good, but packs a ton of functionality. John talks about the addition of an option to override...
Chuck Joiner, Jim Tierney

MacVoices #20094: Jim Tierney of Digital Anarchy On The New Version of Transcriptive

Jim Tierney, Chief Executive Anarchist at Digital Anarchy, is back to update us on the latest version of Transcriptive, the Adobe Premier plugin that delivers time-coded transcriptions. But that’s just the start. Jim explains the...
Chuck Joiner, Paul Kafasis

MacVoices #20087: Paul Kafasis On Combining (Or Not) Mac and iOS App Licensing

Paul Kafasis of Rogue Amoeba helps us examine the subject of combining licenses for iOS and Mac apps. The development of Mac apps through Catalyst isn’t quite as easy as Apple made out, especially if...
Chuck Joiner, Cindy Kuo

MacVoices #20077: CES – Amaryllo Introduces Voice-Controlled Security Cameras

At CES in Las Vegas, Cindy Kuo, Global Marketing Director for Amaryllo, told us about their two CES Innovation Awards, their voice-controlled security camera, another security camera that integrates with your home lighting, and the...