MacVoices #625: MacVoices at Expo: Tropical Software Puts Notes on Your iPod

James Lee of Tropical Software talks about the introduction of TopXNotes iPod from the company's first-ever booth at Macworld Expo, and explains the logic behind the company's URL.

MacVoices #624: MacVoices at Expo: Remote Controls for Your Mac by Keyspan

Mike Ridenhour of Keyspan talks about their various remote control options for your Mac. Mike explains the differences and features of Keyspan's various offerings and how they apply to presentation software, iTunes and more.

MacVoices #622: MacVoices at Expo: MemoryMiner Helps You Tell Your Story…Whatever It Is

GroupSmarts CEO John Fox introduces MemoryMiner, another winner of the coveted "Macworld Best of Show" award. John talks about winning the award and explains the many uses of MemoryMiner to tell stories, and not...

MacVoices #620: MacVoices at Expo: Recosoft’s Paul Chadha Presents PDF2Office

Paul Chadha of Recosoft introduces us to the newest version of PDF2Office, the solution for getting information out of PDF documents and into an editable format. Version 3 of the Professional edition introduces over...

MacVoices #616: MacVoices at Expo: Media Manager Adds Media Capabilities to FileMaker Pro

Kristen Ragsdale of New Millennium Communications talks about Media Manager, the document management, image manipulation, and sound editing plug-in for FileMaker Pro.