MacVoices #984: An Introduction to Google Voice by Julio Ojeda-Zapata and Chuck Rogers

Google Voice is finally issuing invitations and welcoming new users. What's all the excitement about? Two enthusiastic advocates of Google's telephony service, tech columnist Julio Ojeda-Zapata and Mac consultant Chuck Rogers, deliver a primer...
Chuck Joiner, Jeff Carlson

MacVoices #21146: Jeff Carlson Helps You Get More Out of Luminar AI (1)

The latest effort from Jeff Carlson helps you tap the AI power of the terrific photo editing program Luminar AI. In The Photographer’s Guide to Luminar AI, Jeff explains the availability of the newest features and how...
Chuck Joiner, Bryan Chaffin

MacVoices #14218: Bryan Chaffin on the Bitcoin Economy, His Essential Gear and Renting Software

Bryan Chaffin provides an update on the Bitcoin economy - whether it is still a thing, why its use continues to expand, and whether he is continuing his mining operations. Bryan wears lots of...

MacVoices #958: Joe Kissell Helps You Take Control of The Command Line with Terminal

Prolific Take Control author Joe Kissell has addressed one of the most challenging parts of Mac use for many in his new Take Control of the Mac Command Line with Terminal. Too many Mac...
Chuck Joiner, Glenn Fleishman

MacVoices #20092: Glenn Fleishman Takes Control of Home Security Cameras

Glenn Fleishman has a brand new book, Take Control of Home Security Cameras, which goes way behind just buying one and connecting it. Glenn joins us to discuss the origin of the book, some of the factors...