MacVoices #8127: Steve Sande on Why Not To Run Leopard on a PC NetBook

Steve Sande of The Unofficial Apple Weblog wasn't satisfied with running Mac OS X on his Macs; he just had to try it on a PC netbook. Steve talks about how his wife inspired...
Chuck Joiner, David Sparks

MacVoices #15079: David Sparks Delivers New Field Guides on OmniFocus and Workflow

David Sparks has published the latest editions to his Field Guide series,  OminFocus Video Field Guide and Workflow Video Field Guide, but with a twist. These are video-only, giving extended length training on each...
Chuck Joiner, Ken Ray

MacVoices #14198: Ken Ray Discusses His Podcasts, His Magazine and His Motivations

Ken Ray is one busy guy. With two well-established podcasts of his own, co-hosting a third, a fourth just launched, and a magazine that is improving and expanding before our eyes, it is a...
Chuck Joiner, Michael E. Cohen

MacVoices #14229: Michael E. Cohen Takes Full Control of Pages

 Michael E. Cohen  is back to talk about the 1.0 release version of Take Control of Pages. Originally available as a Take Control pre-book, the update is now a fully formed book that...
Joe Kissell

MacVoices #1185: Joe Kissell Takes Control of Backing Up Your Mac

Joe Kissell, fresh off a relocation in Paris, talks about his new place before explaining why his latest Take Control book, Take Control of Backing Up Your Mac, combines and updates several previous titles,...