Chuck Joiner, Shelly Brisbin

MacVoices #16197: Shelly Brisbin On iOS 10, Siri, and The Fourth Edition of iOS Access For All

Shelly Brisbin has updated iOS Access For All to the fourth edition to cover the changes in accessibility in iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad. She gives us her reaction to accessibility having a...
Chuck Joiner, Maria Langer

MacVoices #14214: Maria Langer Gets You Up and Running with Meetup

The latest release from Maria Langer is the new course, Up and Running with Meetup , on You might think Meetup is simple - someone posts a get together and people get together....
Chuck Joiner, Mike Schmitz

MacVoices #20085: Mike Schmitz Teaches You Mind Mapping

Mike Schmitz' new course for The Sweet Setup helps organize and develop your ideas and projects. Mastering Mind Maps teaches you how to capture your ideas in a mind map, and then turn them into actionable projects....

MacVoices #968: Jay Nelson On 200 Issues of Design Tools Monthly, The State of Desktop Publishing and the HOW Conference

Desktop publishing and design expert Jay Nelson celebrates the 200th edition of Design Tools Monthly by talking about how his craft has evolved into something that melds various creative disciplines and requires constant attention,...
Glenn Fleishman

MacVoices #1182: Glenn Fleishman Takes Control of Your 802.11n Airport Network for the Second Time

Glenn Fleishman just completed his most recent book, Take Control of Your 802.11n AirPort Network, Second Edition, and joins us to discuss a variety of Airport matters, including why Apple abandoned that term in...