MacVoices #891: Glenn Fleishman Takes Control of Back to My Mac and Screen Sharing in Leopard

Glenn Fleishman has just completed two new Take Control ebooks, Take Control of Back to My Mac and Take Control of Screen Sharing in Leopard, and reports in to talk about how the two...
Joe Kissell

MacVoices #1011: The Road to Macworld – Joe Kissell Previews His Many and Varied Sessions at Macworld 2010

On The Road to Macworld 2010, Mac expert Joe Kissell demonstrates both the breadth and depth of his expertise by profiling the many sessions and appearances he will be delivering at Macworld 2010. From...
Jeff Carlson

MacVoices #1166 – Jeff Carlson on Taking Control of iPad Media

Jeff Carlson has been busy updating his Take Control of iPad Media to the second edition, and talks about the changes iOS 4.3, Airplay and the iPad 2 have brought to Apple's tablet. If...

MacVoices #694: Joe Kissell Updates the Options for Running Windows on a Mac

Author Joe Kissell delivers an up-to-the-minute update on the options for running Windows on the Mac platform in anticipation of the release of his newly revised eBook, Take Control of Running Windows on a...
Melissa Davis

MacVoices #10108: Melissa Davis on Her Tech Cred, Mac Blogging, Mommy Blogging and How She Combines Them All

Melissa Davis, aka The Mac Mommy, and co-host of Moms Gone Geek, talks about her tech background, including time served in the educational technology space, and why she does and doesn't consider herself a...