MacVoices #1397: Wally Cherwinski Delivers a Case Study in Multi-Camera Video Shooting and Editing

Videographer and self-described Apple enthusiast  Wally Cherwinski  is known by many in the Mac community for his outstanding music videos of the annual Cirque du Mac party at Macworld/iWorld. Wally uses the most recent...

MacVoices #12116: Bruce Sharpe of Singular Software Shows Off PluralEyes

Bruce Sharpe, the President and CEO of Singluar Software, demonstrates,  PluralEyes, their software that takes the pain out of creating videos with multiple cameras and audio sources. With literally the click of a button,...
Nick Morciglio, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #18024: Pepcom – AfterShokz Introduces New Trekz Air Bone Conduction Headphones

At Pepcom in Las Vegas, AfterShokz introduced the latest iteration of their bone conduction headphones, Trekz Air. Marketing Coordinator Nick Morciglio talks about the improvements in weight, fit, and fidelity. Nick also teases us with an AfterShokz secret...
Chuck Joiner, James Patrick Wright

MacVoices #15103: NAB – Pond5 Offers Legacy Stock Media from the National Archives

At  NAB  in Las Vegas,  James Patrick Wright,  Marketing and Development Producer for Pond5, updates us on their ever-expanding collection of stock audio, video, photos, and illustrations, and also discusses how they partnered with...
Chuck Joiner, Doug Walter

MacVoices #19146: Filegear’s Doug Walter Talks About Their Expandable Private Cloud Device

Filegear is an expandable private cloud storage device that can handle your photos, documents, and music. But that’s just the start. Doug Walter, the Founder of Filegear, talks about his background and personal needs that...