Chuck Joiner, Alan Jacobson

MacVoices #17025: CES – Satechi Gives Back The Ports Lost in the USB-C Transition

At CES in Las Vegas, a big focus for Satechi this year is docks and adapters to help ease the transition from legacy connectivity to USB-C. Senior Product Designer Alan Jacobson walks us through the...
Mark Fuccio, Bryan Chaffin, Steve Sande, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #16151: The MacJury Contemplates The Question of Apple Urgency

The MacJury convened at the request of one of its members to discuss the question of whether Apple has lost its sense of urgency. Entered into evidence were the matters of the Mac Pro,...
Chuck Joiner, Jeff Carlson

MacVoices #16059: Jeff Carlson Updates His Apple Watch Crash Course

Jeff Carlson  has updated Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course with the latest information on Apple's wearable. Jeff talks about the difference watchOS 2 makes, why the Crash Course format makes it easy...
Chuck Joiner, Tonya Engst 2

MacVoices #16164: Tonya Engst On macOS Sierra Beta, Keeping Up Or Not, and Hardware Lifespans

Tonya Engst is back for an eclectic conversation that starts out with  how she is approaching macOS Sierra beta and what she's looking forward to. Then she shares her thoughts on work life balance...
Chuck La Tournous, Mark Fuccio, Peter Cohen, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #16074: The MacJury Discusses What Apple Needs To Improve

The first MacJury of 2016 takes on a broad topic: what Apple needs to do better. Do they pay too much attention to the analysts and Wall Street? Are they spreading themselves too thin?...