Jeff Carlson, Michael T. Rose, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #15070: The MacJury Talks Apple Watch, MacBook, Apple TV and HBO Go

Apple's announcements at their Spring Forward event were varied and many. The MacJury evaluated the evidence and deliberates on the reduce price of the Apple TV and the exclusive deal with HBO, the innovations...
Chuck Joiner, Ted Landau

MacVoices #15068: Ted Landau on Apple’s Media Event, an Apple Car and His Ring Doorbell

Ted Landau  is back to provide his thoughts on Apple's March 9 event which will introduce the Apple Watch (we think). Will there be anything else? Ted tells you why or why not, talks...
Chuck Joiner, Bryan Chaffin

MacVoices #15061: Bryan Chaffin on Apple’s Auto Ambitions & Microsoft’s iOS Acquisitions

Bryan Chaffin  walks us down the path to believing that Apple may be working on a car, argues the evidence that Apple continues to innovate at all every turn, and why what we know...
Adam Korbl, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #15018: CES – Glide Lets You Send Video Texts to Watch Now or Later

On the show floor at International CES, Adam Korbl, co-founder of Glide, introduces us to their video texting service. Available to watch in near real-time or at the recipient's convenience, Glide lets you take...
Ken Ray, Mark Fuccio, Chuck Joiner

MacVoices #15001: The MacJury’s Take on Where Apple Goes From Here (Part 2)

To close out 2014 and kick start 2015, The MacJury takes on the topic of where Apple goes from here. Tech is ever-changing and Apple has to do the same to survive and thrive....