About MacVoices

What We Are
MacVoices is the internet show and podcast that delivers in-depth discussions with the most influential people in the Mac industry as well as the individuals who are out there making it happen on the front lines of the global Apple community.

In less than one year, MacVoices has featured Macintosh legends such as Guy Kawasaki, software publishers such as Bare Bones Software and Circus Ponies, software authors like Lucius Kwok of Felt Tip Studio and Steve Sheets from Midnight Mage Software, the editors of virtually every major Macintosh publication, book authors, user group leaders and notable Mac users such as Rick Sternbach from the Star Trek franchise. In January 2006, MacVoices delivered over thirty separate interviews from Macworld Conference & Expo, bringing the experience to listeners around the world.

MacVoices grew out of a previous audio show, The User Group Report, that ran for five years and focused on the interaction between the Apple and Macintosh industries and the enthusiastic user community. The show was renamed and rebranded in October 2005 to be recognized as appealing to a broader audience and to take advantage of the podcasting format.

MacVoices host Chuck Joiner is an active member of the Apple Community. He hosts both the MacNotables and MacVoices podcasts, talking to the most influential members of the Macintosh community about developments, products, news and more. Chuck is also editor-in-chief of The MUG Center, the Internet’s most comprehensive resource for and about Mac User Groups and their members, as well as MacProductivity, a site dedicated to getting more out of your Mac from a business and productivity standpoint.

A dedicated web presence, frequent shows and new segments all make MacVoices The Talk of the Mac community.

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